We simplify the relocation process for employees on the move.

Our mission is to provide the comprehensive housing solution that all employees deserve.

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Picture of the founders of InstallYou.
Picture of the founders of InstallYou.

“Our team listens and cares for our clients’ needs. We work to create the best possible relocation experience.”

Natalia Chavarin and Vincent Le Gal
Co-founders of InstallYou

The idea of InstallYou was born from a realization: when Natalia and Vincent moved to another city due to a professional mobility, they spent a lot of time hunting for their new home. Analyzing the city's neighborhoods, consulting real estate ads, contacting landlords, visiting properties, putting together the rental file: so many tedious tasks that require time, energy, and responsiveness. These are qualities that a newly hired or transferred employee cannot put entirely at the disposal of their housing search unless they neglect their new job. The two founders, therefore, decided to create a service that would completely free the employee from this burden.

Our commitment is simple: to facilitate the experience of both professional and geographical mobility. This is made possible by the guidance and advice of our team who work hard to eliminate all the obstacles and concerns associated with finding and settling into a new home. We believe that finding your dream home shouldn't be as complex and stressful as it is today. You deserve a smooth, easy, and stress-free relocation experience, and our team is ready to make that happen.

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Mobili-Pass® aid

Choose InstallYou to benefit from the Mobili-Pass® aid

Our partnership with Action Logement allows us to provide you with the Mobili-Pass® aid, which finances, under certain conditions, the cost of our assistance in the search for your new home.

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